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Once the curtain is lifted, silence falls upon the hall. The show takes center stage. Silence fills the room. It’s the moment for the artists and their show. The experience of witnessing a play, listening to a concert, or watching any type of artistic representation can often be enriched and enhanced by familiarizing oneself with some of the history behind each show.

Keeping this in mind, before showtime, MoraBanc Andorra la Vella’s Music and Dance Season offers you some preliminary discussions to help you better understand what each show is about, allowing you to enjoy it with more intensity and knowledge. 30 minutes before the start of each show, at the Congress Center, where the event will take place, a guest will explain everything that needs to be known about the artists who have come to visit and they will provide information about the curiosities and anecdotes behind each show.

This initiative is coordinated by this season’s artistic director, Josep Maria Escarbano, who will accompany each of the guests to give presentations about their shows. These will be enriching encounters which we have named "Before Showtime".